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Kalavrita is mentioned in ancient Greece with the name Kinethi in 776 B.C.; this name revealed that the inhabitants of Kalavrita were very good hunters. Kinethi was located S.E. of Kalavrita, between St. Constadine Church and the Castle. The present name of Kalavrita firstly appeared in the period of Frankish Domination and derives its origin in the numerous clean water springs, that exists even today. The region of Kalavrita expands at an altitude of 756m (2,487 ft) in the mountain of Helmos, which is famous for its fir-trees. The province of Kalavrita offers numerous historic, archaeological religions and tourist attractions.

Kalavrita: Center Kalavryta: Center
Kalavrita: Center Kalavrita
Kalavryta: Center

Kalavrita can easily be reached by the national road linking Athens to Patras; just turn left to "Mega Spilaio & Kalavrita", when you arrive at Diakopto.


In Kalavrita visitors have a wide range of hotels and rooms to let. Kalavrita is the starting point for visiting the Ski Resort, the Cave of the Lakes the historical monasteries and the surrounding villages.

. Kalavrita Kalavryta Kalavrita

During winter most visitors spend their time at the Ski Resort, which is just 14 km off Kalavrita. The route to the Ski Resort is particularly impressive as it passes trough the fir-tree forest; snow adds a touch of impeccable beauty and a digital camera is must-have. Ski Resort is suitable for expert or novice skier, as courses can easily be arranged. The Ski Resort is situated at the N.W. side of Mountain Chelmos, at an altitude of 1700 meters(base) to 2340 meters (summit). It consists of 7 lifts, 12 ski runs, spacious, free parking, cafeteria, restaurant, ski rental shop, ski school and First Aid Station.

Apart from the Ski Resort, families with children can also enjoy visiting the Cave of the Lakes. Additionally a trip with Cog Railway (Odontotos) from Kalavrita to Diakopto through the Vouraikos Canyon is a very good idea.


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