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Καλαβρύτων Γη - Παραδοσιακά προϊόντα

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Micha - Tsapournia

Although Micha and Tsapournia are tow small villages offering magnificent view of the forest. Getting there is easy; follow the road that links Patras with Kalavrita through Chalandritsa. You will have to pass village "Kompigadi" and turn right; then follow the route that passes through a dense forest of fir-trees. The two villages are just 2 km away.

Kalavrita: Micha - Tsapournia Kalavryta: Micha-Tsapournia
Kalavrita: Micha-Tsapournia
Kalavrita: Micha-TsapourniaKalavrita: Micha-Tsapournia Kalavrita: Micha-Tsapournia


Kalavrita: Micha-Tsapournia

The two magnificent villages, Micha and Tsapournia have only few residents, despite that both villages are a popular tourist destination throughout the year, as they are surrounded by a dense fir-tree forest of exceptional beauty. As such, it is protected by National and International Treaties; it is a Natura area. Accommodation consists of traditional hostels and rooms to let, all of which offer modern facilities at reasonable prices. Visitors can enjoy local dishes and traditional products, such as cheese, at selected restaurants and taverns.

The archaeological site of Ancient Leontio is just of village Micha. Visitors can see a small ancient thetre there. The nearby mountains of Erimanthos, Olenos and Mouggila are ideal places for walking, trekking and cycling.


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